AIR Stream Maya-to-AIR plug-in


AIR Stream is a new rendering plug-in for Maya designed to provide an easy-to-use Maya to AIR workflow.  AIR Stream was created to meet the demands of visual effects production, and the plug-in has been used successfully on many projects.

AIR Stream is available at no charge.

The free AIR Stream plug-in can be downloaded here.

Some Key Features:


  New in Version 3.0:


Support for Maya 2015
Support for the new stroke shaders in Air 14
New menu item for loading Air material files
Automatic texture conversion to Air texture maps
Fixes and improvements for texture baking
Shader fixes and improvements


  New in Version 2.0:


Maya 2014 support
Render Maya fluids
Emulation for many common mental ray shaders
Render hair and fur from Joe Alter’s Shave and a Haircut
Faster indirect lighting with a new radiosity cache
Air volume shaders for atmospheric effects
Improved stereo rendering
Curve tapering


  Flexible Output


Multiple output channels and images per render
Per-light channels for re-lighting in post
Simple grouping and matting per channel


  Advanced Shading


Automatic translation of Maya shading networks
Air RenderMan®-compatible shaders
Combine Air and Maya shaders in a single network
DarkTree procedural shaders
Ptex for per-face texture mapping
Simple controls for ray tracing and global illumination


  Scalable Performance


Efficient rendering of complex scenes such as Massive crowds
Automatically generate and use archives for efficient scene export


  Complex Shapes


Extensive particle support
Maya fur and hair including IPR shading
Hair and fur created with Joe Alter’s Shave and a Haircut
Volume and surface rendering of Maya fluids
Powerful instancing for particles, surfaces, curves, and fur




Interactive Preview Rendering with TweakAir


  Texture Baking


Bake shading and lighting to textures with BakeAir




Maya versions:  2011-2015

Operation systems:  32-bit Windows, 64-bit Windows, 64-bit Linux



Credits:   Some projects completed with early versions of AIR Stream:

Film:  El secreto de sus ojos, winner of the 2010 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film

TV:  BCS Promo



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