AIR Space


AIR Space is a new interactive shading and lighting interface for AIR, TweakAIR, and BakeAIR.  With AIR Space you can import a 3D model, assign shading and lighting properties, and render final images with AIR.

AIR Space uses TweakAIR to display a high-quality Interactive Preview Rendering (IPR) of the scene as you adjust its shading and lighting.  You can perform many common editing functions simply by clicking in the IPR window.


    Import model data in RenderMan® RIB or Wavefront OBJ formats.

    Interactively assign materials, select shaders, and adjust shader parameters.

    Interactively add, move, and tweak lights.

    Unlimited undo and redo of all shading and lighting changes.

    High-quality interactive preview, including soft shadows, antialiased textures, procedural patterns, reflections, global illumination, and ambient occlusion

    Pickable IPR view: click in the IPR window to select objects or materials, position & scale textures, target lights, and more.

    Material palette for quickly creating new materials or modifying existing materials with pre-defined surface shaders, colors, and displacement shaders.

    One-click re-import of a modified model, preserving existing project settings.

    Automatic texture conversion for optimal rendering.

    Texture linking and tracking.

    OpenGL 3D viewport for camera and light manipulation.

    Light linking.

    Support for Darkling Simulations DarkTree shaders.

    Integrated asset browser for materials, textures, light sets, and DarkTree shaders.

    One-click rendering with AIR.

    Distributed rendering over multiple machines (requires an AIR license for each machine).

    Easy turntable and camera-path animation.

    Bake shading and lighting to texture maps with BakeAIR

AIR Space is a free addition to the user interface tools included with AIR.


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